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1) Gold Recipient in the Mom's Choice Awards® in the category of: Children's Picture Books: Growing Up / Personal Growth

2) named to the Keystone to Reading Elementary Book Award list for 2018-2019


“...In Chippy's first encounter with Harriet, she explains that a flood destroyed her burrow, so she is searching for a new place to dig. She asks for help, but Chippy refuses and chases her away. He is preoccupied with his goal of having a record-setting day collecting acorns, and he is skeptical that the newcomer is a chipmunk since she has no stripes. Chippy's friends show him that there is diversity in every species. "Diversity makes the world more beautiful," a blue peacock tells Chippy. "My friend and I may look different on the outside, but inside we are the same," adds a peacock that is an all-white variety. Chippy's friends help him to understand empathy and the need to show compassion. Chippy imagines what it would be like to be other wildlife. He thoughtfully observes other creatures. He pretends to be like them and echoes their calls as a way to develop empathy. He pictures himself in Harriet's situation. The light of a new day gives Chippy a fresh beginning. Feeling empathy changes his heart. He helps Harriet build a new burrow and shares his acorns with her. The two become friends. Written and illustrated with full color photography by Kathy M. Miller, "Chippy Chipmunk Feels Empathy" includes fun facts and will prove to be an enduringly popular addition to family, daycare center, preschool, elementary school, and community library picture book collections for children ages 4 to 8.”

James A. Cox, Midwest Book Review
Children's Bookwatch: October 2017

“...Illustrated with photographs of real animals, this sweet series stars Chippy. This time, he meets a different kind of chipmunk with no markings. That confuses Chippy at first, and he chases Harriet away. But his friends help him to see that Harriet needs a friend, so Chippy helps her build a new burrow."

Dave "Doc" Kirby, On the Bookshelf

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