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1) Gold Recipient in the Mom's Choice Awards® in the category of: Children's Picture Books: Growing Up / Personal Growth

2) Named to the "Keystone to Reading Elementary Book Award" List for 2015-2016


"... As a Bereavement Specialist with over 20 years experience in children's bereavement, I can highly recommend this precious resource! Kathy has used the most beautiful pictures to tell a very important story for children. When they face loss they feel alone and the story reminds them that we are not alone in our grief. There are very few good resources for children with regards to death and this is one of them!"

Leslie Delp, MA
Bereavement Specialist
Olivia's House - A Grief and Loss Center for Children


..."For elementary teachers, librarians, reading specialists and for parents who want to encourage reading, Chippy Chipmunk : Friends in the Garden is a splendid hard cover book that is amply illustrated and photographed ( by the author ) and one that tells a tender story about friendship and loss.
This is one of the most beautifully illustrated and photographed books that I have ever seen. The author engages the reader with wonderful pictures and a charming story about friendship and loss–all the while, teaching some information about animals, nature and life.
In addition, there is a supplemental page by Denise Whalen, M.A. for parents about grief and loss and an additional note to educators by Melissa Carr, an elementary school counselor.
This is a great book that is both educational and emotional, and one which children will cherish for a while.
Kids always seem to relate well to animals and in this book, chipmunks, owls, meadow voles and rabbits all play a part in the passing of a friend.
Once you read this book and see these pictures, you will never forget it."


"...What a fantastic, inspirational, beautiful book – definitely different, superb for use with any child who has experienced grief through the loss of someone or a pet, but also a brilliant story in its own right. In case you haven't noticed, I REALLY like this book and highly recommend it!
The photographs throughout the book are incredible and chosen to be highly indicative of the text. The story itself concerns how Chippy the Chipmunk copes with the loss and death of his best friend, Pickle, a meadow vole. Initially Chippy doesn't realise Pickle has died until other animal friends let him know of his friend's fate. His friends help Chippy learn to express his grief and, after owls visiting his hibernation dreams, he emerges from hibernation with hope that life can get better.
There is guidance for parents and educators to help them use this story to support children experiencing the loss of a loved one. It could easily be used on either a one to one or to larger group/class. It also contains information about the animals involved in the story, giving information about them that could stimulate further discussions and investigations, helping develop children's awareness of their environment and the creatures that may inhabit it, too.
This is the third book in the series, but the first one I've seen. I'll certainly be looking out for the first two books and other work by this author who is a brilliant photographer, too!"


" excellent tool for young children in dealing with loss. Beautifully illustrated and thought provoking."

Maria De Stefano / University of Manitoba


"..."This book is a brilliant book for both parents and educators who wish to discuss the often difficult subject of grief with children. The photography in the book is simply stunning and really adds to the story. It has some great advice in the back of the book suggesting ways to talking to children about grief through use of the book. The message sent across from the book is lovely and is carried in an accessible and friendly manner.
It would be a great book to use with younger pupils if they had experienced grief, either on a one-to-one basis with the pupil or as a whole class focused lesson and discussion. As well as simply being a book about grief, it's also very informative with information about the animals in the book, their habitats, sizes and where in the world they can be found.
All in all, this was a lovely book and one which I hope to use when working with children."

Anna (BooksandBookends) from


" especially striking book in that it is entirely illustrated with beautiful, full-color natural photography of wild animals; adults as well as children will linger in awe at the breathtaking imagery."

The Midwest Book Review


"...WOW! Another wonderful "Chippy" book and so very well done. It is truly a gem and so rich in thought."

Jack Holcomb, Host of WEEU Radio's
"Jack's Backyard" nature show


..."This book is a valuable tool in explaining grief. It includes helpful tips and notes to parents and educators. The author has also included fun facts and an activity page. The photographs are absolutely beautiful and the author has done a great job at capturing nature."

Mary Jo Prado, Children's Book Zone


"...The delicately woven story line with beautiful nature photography introduces the experience of death with caring and sensitivity. The images bring up feelings ranging from sadness to hope, and by examples from nature, the gentle and kind ways in which friends can give comfort at times of loss. This is a generally uplifting book, which gives a sense of wonder and awareness of the continuity of life, death and togetherness in nature."

Inger Maier Ph.D., Author, Fuzzy the Little Sheep series, and Ben's Flying Flowers.


"..."Lavishly illustrated, this book deals with how Chippy handles the loss of a friend. Teachers asked
Miller to write a book that would help younger children deal with death and I think she nailed it."

Scott Shalaway, Ph.D., wildlife ecologist and nature writer
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette & Charleston Gazette


"..."Chippy is devastated when he hears that one of his closest friends, Pickle, the meadow vole, has died. With the help of his friends, a deep sleep, and some helpful dream-friends, Chippy discovers even though sometimes life can be tough, “every day gets better.”"

Bookshelf, Skipping Stones Magazine


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